Born in 1992, Ammama Malik is an accomplished oil painter who earned her distinction by majoring in painting at the esteemed National College of Arts, Rawalpindi in 2016. Building upon her foundation, she further honed her skills with a transformative experience at the Florence Academy of Arts in 2018, immersing herself in an intensive studio program.


Ammama's artistry is a manifestation of her unwavering devotion to the timeless act of painting itself, a pursuit that pays homage to the core essence of this revered craft. While her compositions and subjects are distinctly contemporary, she artfully places words and concepts on the periphery, allowing the rich strokes of her brush to command the spotlight. This deliberate approach speaks volumes about her dedication to the traditional style that she embraces.


Her creations are a harmonious blend of the present and the past, with a clear resonance of the Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces that have left an indelible mark on her artistic spirit. Each stroke exudes drama and emotion, meticulously executed with a level of precision that reflects her commitment to excellence. These works not only evoke a sense of nostalgia for the eras that have shaped her, but also assert their prominence amidst the sea of contemporary art, making them stand out as true testaments to her remarkable talent.






11th Jan 2016 Degree Show, National College of Arts
20th Jan 2016 Various Artists show at Meraki, Isb
2nd March 2016 My Art World Gallery, Isb
15th April 2016 “The Innovative Spirit” at the Residence of the Australian High Commissioner, Diplomatic Enclave              
15th sept - 25th sept, 2016 “facial recognition” at my art world, Isb
10th feb - 12th feb, 2017 Pop up display Kohsar market, Isb
1st april - 8th april 2017 2x2 show at the Embassy of Netherlands, Diplomatic Enclave                
13th july - 15th july Collectors Weekend, Kohsar Market Islamabad
15th Nov - 19th Nov “Chiaroscuro” Anyahh Art Gallery, Dubai 

30th Jan 2018 "Inquest Affinity" Satrang Gallery, Serena Hotel

3rd Aug 2018 "Figuratively Speaking" Full Circle Gallery, Karachi

2nd Nov 2018 "Melding II" Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore

16th Oct 2020   "12.00 am" Zaaman Art Gallery, Lahore

14th June 2022 "Emergence" Sanat Initiative, Karachi 

7th Nov 2022 "Journeys of curious minds" Muse Gallery, Lahore

8th Dec 2022 "Conclaves" Artescape Gallery, Islamabad

8th March 2023 "She-her" PNCA, Islamabad 

4th August 2023 "Veiled visions" O Art Space Gallery, Lahore

21st December 2023 "Latmus: Between Worlds" Pakistan Art Forum Gallery, Lahore